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Laredo Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, in merely 30 years, it has doubled its population. One of the factors that impulse such growth is Laredo’s growing importance as a manufacturing and trading center between the U.S and Mexico.

Its sister city, Nuevo Laredo has tripled its population in the same period of time. According to the Trade Statistics provided by the World City Magazine, by the summer of 2013, Laredo’s Customs District had ranked as the third largest Customs District in the country, only outnumbered by Los Angeles and New York, both water ports.

El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico form an integrated international trade region. These 2 cities comprise the largest metropolitan area between the US and Mexico. This is a major attraction for companies wanting to capitalize on NAFTA, the maquiladora industry, and business prospects in Central and South America. El Paso has a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) that covers 3000 acres, representing the fifth largest in volume in the country, and the largest on the American-Mexican border. El Paso’s transportation infrastructure allows access from coast to coast, and its telecommunications network is one of the best in voice and data transmission.

The city of Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico and certainly one of the most important economic centers of the country. Monterrey is the capital city of the state of Nuevo Leon and it serves as headquarters for the most prominent industrial and financial groups of the country.

Monterrey is located about 130 miles from the Texas border and it offers a privileged infrastructure for transportation, as it is connected to international bridges, as well as to the center, east and west of Mexico and has two state of the art international airports. Nuevo Leon has a total amount of exports surpassing the 35 billion USD, representing 11% of the country’s total exports.

Our service network consists of 9 offices covering:

  • Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, and El Paso, Texas
  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and Laredo, Texas
  • Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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