Our Services


We guarantee transparency and fluidity in the correct identification and classification of merchandise as well as the precise determination of duties in perfect compliance with restrictions and regulations.

With integrity at our core, we assure that this process will always have you and your needs as our foremost priority.

Mexican Customs:

  • Thanks to our strategic geographic location, we have specialized in all modalities of transportation; such as ground, rail, air and multimodal transport.
  • We specialize in special programs such as IMMEX , Tax Warehousing for the automotive industry and management for the metallurgical industry.
  • We are experts in special operations such as regularizations and virtual import/exports.

US Customs:

  • Our constant and transparent exchange of information between Mexican Customs and U.S. Customs guarantees fluidity in our operations, bringing added value to our services.
  • Data base sharing
  • We offer our NAFTA-CROSS-DOCK, maximizing time and money for our customers. This means that under one facility and one information contact point, we provide integrated services of U.S and Mexican Customs, distribution center and Free Trade Zone (FTZ).



International Trade

We take great pride in our professional team, constantly up to date on all international trade legislation modifications. This enables us to assess our clients’ business practices to help them improve and become more efficient, in perfect compliance with authorities and regulations.

Supply-Chain Security

We make sure that our clients carry out all protective actions determined by SAFE (World Customs Organization). We work closely with our customers to provide a shield against crime and terrorism, to guarantee comprehensive security during the merchandise transfer process. All of this in compliance with world organisms and regulations.

Risk Management Analysis

We assess our clients in the elaboration of risk management analysis of all processes pertaining to international commerce.



Transportation Management

  • Domestic and international freight brokerage services
  • Strategic planning for new projects
  • Design and optimization of routes
  • Accurate supervision and tracking from place of origin to final destination
  • Efficient communication between broker and customer via reports
  • Proof of delivery

Distribution Management

Distribution is the last and most important link in the supply chain, where decisions are made in order for products to reach their destinations according to customers’ needs.

The location of a Distribution Center is critical for businesses. We gladly offer our distribution centers in the most strategic terrestrial ports of San Diego California, El Paso Texas, McAllen Texas, and Laredo Texas. The latter being the largest and fastest growing international port.

We offer our expertise and quality in the planning process, storage control and distribution of merchandise to exceed customer satisfaction.

Procurement Management

  • Annual category planning: Full category assessment that includes a review of contract expirations, market benchmarking, demand management, and market trends to create a prioritized list of transformation and savings projects
  • Situation insight: Identify patterns and opportunities analyzing historical spend, forecast and future demand, including market forces and trends
  • Strategic sourcing: Proactive execution of sourcing plans, with strong internal stakeholder alignment to business goals and objectives
  • Procure to pay: Management of the full purchase order cycle, from creation-approvals, supplier communication and maintenance to closing and two or three-way matching.
  • Spend compliance management: A full spend compliance management program to ensure the use of preferred suppliers and contracted prices, improved working capital, and maximized negotiated savings
  • Supplier performance management: Management of suppliers’ contractual commitments and KPIs to maximize savings and minimize risk